The "Autism and Sport: Train Social Inclusion" project is coordinated by the A.S.D. Running in Matera and funded by the European Commission, as part of the Erasmus + Sport 2019 Program.

The partnership is made up of 8 partners from 5 European countries: Asociacion Autismo Burgos (Spain), Associatia autism Baia Mare (Romania), Nodibinajums Spring (Latvia), Associazion for the care of autistic person (Croatia), Stella Maris Mediterraneo Foundation ( Chiaromonte), Italian Federation of Paralympic Intellectual Relational Sports (FISDIR-Rome), AIAS Melfi Onlus.

Autism and Sport: Train Social Inclusion (AU.SPO.) It is a 24-month "Collaborative Partnerships" project which has the main objective of encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in the sports field through greater participation in sports activities of adolescents and young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The aim of the project is to start a sustainable and continuous learning path that connects social workers, sports coaches of sports clubs, residential structures, associations, NGOs, Foundations and in greater involvement in sport and educational activities.

The following sports will be practised: athletics, orienteering, swimming, football, basketball, table tennis and horse riding aimed at children and teenagers with autism and who attend European facilities.

The specific objectives are:

  • strengthen the use of sport as a tool for social inclusion
  • raising awareness of the potential of Sport in the rehabilitation treatment of ASDs
  • train social and health workers and sports volunteers
  • implementation of promotion and incentive programs for sports activities for individuals with ASD
  • increase stakeholder knowledge on EU, national, regional and local policies on best practice in teaching and social inclusion through sport.

The planned activities are:

  1. Management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation
  2. Training and exchange of good practices
  3. 5 Transnational meetings
  4. Sport events

Final results:

  • Investigation of the current situation
  • A manual containing best teaching practices
  • E-learning platform for the training of sports operators and volunteers
  • workshops Awareness-raising
  • events in 6 partner countries, with a final conference
  • Communication materials and activities
  • Dissemination

This training platform represents the Intellectual Outputs (I.O.) n. 3 of the project.